Great Heritage Ministries -

       Great Heritage Ministries...
    celebrating twenty one years of faithful service!
    Founded in February of 1997, by its visionary and pastoral leader, Sylvia Rose, Great Heritage Ministries has reached the humble milestone of celebrating 21 years in ministry. We have counted it a blessing in every way to  be used of God to reach, teach and touch those He placed in our path as well as those we sought after to demonstrate who He is to us and what He can be to them. This ministry is committed to strengthening the weak, showing mercy to the downtrodden and speaking truth to power that justice might be seen and felt by the poor as well as the rich. We praise God for the privilege of being His servants and we ask His kindness and mercy upon us that we might continue to shine His light in the darkness for many years to come. 

                    Blessings, joy and peace!


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